Bellissima Model Management

Bellissima Model Management was established in 1993 by Susan Berosh. In the beginning, they were one of the largest National Photo Contests for kids, and evolved 10 years ago to scouting, managing and placing teens and young adults in markets around the world. They specialize in Asian Placement but also place models in Europe and the major markets in the US.

Bellissima scouts the US looking for new faces and are regularly invited as an expert in their field to educate young hopefuls and their parents through workshops and seminars. Bellissima partners with other US agencies to place models overseas because they trust Bellissima high standards of excellence and they know Bellissima travels to Asia often to maintain a solid working relationship and to insure the safety of the models they place. 

 Bellissima works hand-in-hand with top international agencies and keeps close relations with all of its models to make sure everyone is on the right path towards success.

Being close and personable is a key factor that Bellissima Model Management prides itself on, and all that is missing from this close-knit family is you. 


Susan Berosh

Susan Berosh


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