These questions were answered by a mother, Michele, who had a daughter, Danielle, that modeled and was represented by Bellissima Model Management. If you have any other questions for Michele or Danielle, please let them know in the question box below.

1.  My daughter/son has signed with Bellissima. What should I do now?

The first thing to do is celebrate! You have just signed with a wonderful management agency. Susan will help guide you to finding the right agency to work with; so, trust her. That is why you chose her. Now, you have to help your daughter/son be prepared for that call. Your daughter/son will need a current passport, a nice pair of heels/dress shoes, all her/his photos from test shoots and jobs on a data stick, and most of all your love and support through this journey.

2.  I don’t want my daughter/son to miss school to model. How can we balance her/his education with modeling? 

The most important thing is to discuss this with Susan and let her know your school schedule. This way she can find an agency that is able to work with your daughter/son when she/he is not in school. My daughter started out only working during the summer months. You also have the option of homeschooling or finding a private on-line school. It all depends on what your state allows for education and graduation purposes.

3.  My daughter/son has a contract to go to Asia. This is the first time she/he will travel on a plane and is very young. I am uncomfortable letting her/him go alone. How safe is it? 

Most of the agencies in Asia understand your concerns. I was able to travel with my daughter on her first trip to Asia. When we were in the airport I had my daughter take the lead and get us to the correct gate. This way I knew she would be able to navigate the airports on her return trip by herself. As far as safety goes, Susan does everything she can to check out each agency she works with, their model apartments, and the area they are located in. The agencies also carpool the models to castings and have more than one model in each apartment.

4.  This will be the first time my daughter/son will be away from home for an extended period of time. I am used to talking to her/him everyday and will miss talking and seeing her/him. How can we keep in touch while they are gone? 

There is a wonderful invention called the computer. I suggest that both of you open your own e-mail accounts and Skype accounts. That is if you do not already have them. I do not recommend that you Skype everyday as your daughter’s/son's schedule is going to be hectic and the time change will make it difficult at times to connect with you. She/He can, however, e-mail you regularly and let you know what she/he is doing. My daughter opened a YouTube account and posted YouTube messages about her experiences for family and friends. If you ever have a concern while she/he is there, just e-mail or call Susan and she will find out if there is a problem.

5.  How should I prepare my daughter/son for her first modeling trip to Asia? 

First make sure she has a current passport and all her shots and immunizations are up to date.   If your daughter/son does not know how to do her/his own laundry, prepare food, shop for food, or manage a weekly allowance, now is the time to start teaching her/him. These are things she/he will be doing on her/his own while in Asia. Remember, you will not be there to do all of these things.

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